Kathryn Doll (kathryn91) wrote in ripon_grammar,
Kathryn Doll

Dr Barry Saunders

Mah! He's in hospital for God-knows how long =[

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Does anyone know why he is off?

I have heard many a reason..

1st and most probable: Pancreatic Problems

2nd: Heart attack at concert (I'm guessing maybe Kaiser Chiefs)

3rd: Did a 'boy from the frosties advert' and no one will ever really know

He better be OK!

I wrote - on his Get Well Soon Card i wrote: BARRY - Get better soon. We love you! John.

I am also a true Bary dedicatee (or whatever) as he is my background on my phone... legend...

Though as a joke i said someone should write "I hope you don't die!" and Matthew Hellard did! I bet it was just a slight toupee failure and now matthew'll make him get paranoid about DYING!!

He better come back soon. I don't like the Grimo - he actually teaches us stuff.

Best on card had to be from Josh 'Joss' Boynton, which had loadsa kisses at the end...
When Barry isn't in hospital he lives next door to me. In the 'Pink Palace' <3
Lol, that's a HOTEL you goon. He lives in Whispering Cottage.
I like to make believe ^__________^
Lol, I'm the moderator and I can well delete people's comments if I feel like it. I was hoping for editing powers, but alas no. =(
Don't delete me =3
Barry won't die, will he?
I hope not =[